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The Sharey Godmother

Sharey Cover.jpg

MEET SHARI, the Share-y Godmother! She loves to share! Whether it's her seat on a rollercoaster, her tropical vacations, or candy from her candy jar, it makes her happy to see other people happy. But some of the other fairy godmothers worry about Shari's sharing. What is she getting back in return? So Shari tries NOT sharing and soon realizes that giving to others is a big part of what makes her who she is. Bursting with color and magic, The Share-y Godmother reveals the joy of sharing for sharing's sake and the power of generosity to make the world a more giving place.


"This book will work well as a read-aloud for older children who will have experienced situations in which they question themselves and have begun to consider how their friends see them. Readers will enjoy Curato’s colorful group of fairies, who present in a number of shapes, sizes, colors, and genders. Shari’s experiences will help children learn how to listen to themselves.Kirkus 

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