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Little Elliot, Big Fun


LITTLE ELLIOT and his friend Mouse go to the amusement park to see the sights and ride the rides―water chutes, roller coasters, carousels, and more. But Elliot isn't having much fun―the rides are too wet, too fast, too dizzy, and just plain too scary―until Mouse figures out a way to help him overcome his fears. Together, Mouse and Little Elliot can do anything!

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       "Curato’s Little Elliot books take place in a heightened midcentury version of New York City—an ideal setting to showcase the glory days of Coney Island, as he does in this third book. But for Curato’s polka-dotted elephant hero, the amusement park’s attractions are too wet, dizzy making, or fast, and clowns and seagulls present threats of their own. With Mouse’s patient friendship and guidance, Elliot gets to witness the seaside paradise in all its glory, thanks to a sunset Ferris wheel ride; readers do, too, in a stunning four-page foldout. It’s a gorgeous vision of summer in the city, as well as of small steps with big payoffs." Publishers Weekly

        "A bravura celebration of the healing effects of acceptance

and friendship." Booklist

"...adults reading aloud may privately muse about the poignancy of a story of friendship perched on the edge of World War II, and this adds a pleasing nuance. Gorgeous illustrations and an evocative time period..." Kirkus

"This beautifully designed title is perfect for units on friendship, New York, or summer vacations. Sure to be a hit at a Big Fun storytime." School Library Journal

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