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Where Is Bina Bear?



TINY IS HAVING A PARTY, but Bina Bear is nowhere to be found. Is that Bina hiding under a lampshade? It looks like Bina . . . but it must be a lamp. Is that Bina beneath the fruit bowl? It could be . . . but it's probably just a table.


Searching for Bina, Tiny realizes something is wrong--and sets out to make it right. This is a humorous yet sincere picture book about friendship, understanding, and embracing our loved ones just as they are.


     "As always, Curato (Flamer) handles the theme of acceptance with empathy and a gently comic touch: the crisply rendered ink, watercolor, and pencil illustrations have a visual directness that appreciates the reality of Bina’s needs, as shown through her masking attempts. It’s a tender tribute to both lone wolves (er, bears) and the beings who love them." Publishers Weekly starred review

Screen Shot 2022-10-21 at 10.43.17 AM.png

     "A gloriously simple and funny story of empathy" School Library Journal starred review

"Inclusion and representation are always present in Curato’s thoughtful picture books, and this story is a sweet, sincere, and playful approach to discussing shyness... He has created the same gorgeous, intimate friendship here between Bina Bear and Tiny that Little Elliot has with Mouse in that beloved series, and the story is both a discussion piece and a giggly treat." Booklist

"Anyone who has ever eschewed the cacophony of raucous social events for a darkened bedroom will instantly relate to the bear’s emotional honesty... Imbued with understanding and overt silliness; a quietly chucklesome affirmation of introverts." KIRKUS 

"This warm and comforting look at friendship offers meaningful insight into the value of support and acceptance." The Horn Book

"A refreshing change from the usual “the more, the merrier” message often seen in picture books, and . . . a useful reminder to respect the boundaries of both shy people and shy bears." The Bulletin

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