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Picture Books 101



Have you ever wanted to write a children’s picture book? Many people have reached out to me to ask advice for how to get into publishing. Join me on bluprint where I share the ins and outs of writing your own picture book, from creating ideas, to crafting characters, to coming up with a great plot. Find out how to create a story that keeps adults and children turning the page and discover what it takes to get your book published.


Lesson 1: Getting Started

Welcome to the world of picture books! Discover the power of picture books, learn the different types of stories and how to start being a good writer. watch now >


Lesson 2: Story & Plot

Learn how to create a plot using the classic story arc. Find out how to create the right conflict for your work (every story needs conflict!) and how to tackle heavier subjects in your story.
watch now >


Lesson 3: Beginnings & Endings

Learn how to hook your reader right from the start and how create intrigue in your story right away. Discover how to create a strong ending and how messages and morals will work in your story. watch now >


Lesson 4: What’s the Big Idea?

Discover different techniques and tricks to coming up with your big story idea. Try a writer’s prompt that will help unlock your creativity.

watch now >


Lesson 5: What a Character!

Find out how to come up with a great character that’ll enhance your story. Discover the key to characters that last and what you need to make an original, standout character. watch now >


Lesson 6: Telling a Story Thru Pictures

Discover how the words and pictures works together to create a great story. Plus, find out how to compose your drawings with the Golden Ratio to provide the right eye candy for your reader.
watch now >


Lesson 7: Pacing & Editing

Find out how to pace your story to keep the pages turning and learn how to properly edit your picture book to make the story stronger.
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Lesson 8: Creating a Book Dummy

What’s a book dummy? Find out how to create a book dummy for your book. Plus, discover how much you need to illustrate and what to do if you don’t draw. watch now >


Lesson 9: Publishing 101

Find out the steps to getting traditionally published and what you can do to increase the odds of selling your story. Plus, learn how to self-publish your book. watch now >

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